Operational Digital Twin for Analytical Instrumentation: Transforming Operations and Driving Business Growth

Analytical instrumentation, vital in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil, food processing, and electronics laboratories, is characterized by complexity in both function and data output. In the pursuit of leveraging data for a competitive edge, a leading global manufacturer of analytical instrumentation collaborated with Prescient to implement a groundbreaking operational digital twin solution.

A leading global manufacturer of analytical instrumentation sought to leverage data to solidify its competitive advantage. However, the company lacked visibility into its installed base of instruments once they were shipped to end customers. This hindered their ability to understand customer needs, optimize instrument performance, and drive business growth.

Solution: Digital Twin in Manufacturing 
The manufacturer partnered with Prescient to develop a digital twin solution that provides real-time operational and business insights from analytical instruments. The solution consists of three key components:

  • Edge PC: Collects data from the instruments and transmits it to the cloud.
  • Data Fusion and Analytics: Transforms multiple complex data streams into meaningful insights.
  • Dashboard: Provides real-time operational and business insights.

The pilot project was completed in under two weeks and delivered to the end customer. The solution provided unprecedented insights into instrument performance, operator performance, and sources of errors and inefficiencies. This led to:

  • 39% improvement in instrument utilization
  • Visibility into installed base
  • Insights into customer usage, operator errors, & instrument reliability
  • Value-added SaaS revenue from Lab Insights software
  • Increased services and consumables revenue
  • Closer relationship with customers

Customer Impact
The end customer, impressed by the rapidity and adaptability of the process, decided to implement the solution at a second site. Valuable insights were derived throughout the agile process, bringing about significant operational improvements:

  • Enhanced visibility into instrument performance.
  • Insights into operator performance.
  • Identification of sources of errors and inefficiencies.
  • A notable 39% improvement in instrument utilization.

Manufacturer Benefits
The manufacturer reaped substantial benefits from the digital twin solution:

  • Comprehensive visibility into the installed base.
  • Uncover customer usage patterns, operator errors, & instrument issues.
  • Boost revenue with Lab Insights SaaS offerings.
  • Generate new revenue streams through enhanced visibility.
  • Strengthened customer relationships through closer engagement.


The Industrial digital twin has transformed the manufacturer's operations and driven significant business growth. By leveraging data to gain visibility into its installed base and understand customer needs, the company has been able to optimize instrument performance, improve customer satisfaction, and generate new revenue streams.

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What You Need to Know

  • Improve instrument utilization by 39%

  • Visibility into installed base within 2 weeks

  • Data-driven operational and business insights for future product development and business opportunities