Industrial Data as a Service

Rapid delivery of high-quality industrial data solutions

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Data Quality is Everything

Point us to your data sources, and we will deliver consistent, high-quality data to your applications.

+  Optimize data quality to achieve optimal analytics

+  Save up to 80% of your engineering time

+  Ready for production and ready to scale

How Prescient enabled Bosch digital twin ➔

Prescient Method and Speed

Speed Drives Success

We work closely with your team to rapidly implement and iterate your data solutions within 2-months.

Digital Twins

Accelerate time-to-market for both internal and external solutions


Uncover business values through rapid pilot and iteration


Involve end users to win engagement and commitment

Flexibility Ensures Longevity

Our distributed low-code data engine offers simplicity and flexibility to ensure long-term evolution.

+ Drag-and-drop and visually explainable

+ Built on technology your engineers are familiar with

+ Compatible with your existing edge infrastructure

Prescient's IDaaS approach ➔

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Enterprise Data Needs (1)

Serving Enterprise Needs

We help you to rapidly stand up your solutions, and you always have the option to take them over.

+ Hybrid product-plus-service model

+ Proven track record to deliver impact

+ Open popular software tools with no lock in

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Featured Customer Stories

Bosch x Prescient Use Case-1

PRESCIENT x BOSCH. High-speed data delivery to optimize plant operations.

Precision Drilling x Prescient Use Case-1

PRESCIENT x PRECISION DRILLING. Delivering immediate business impact at minimal cost.

Stanley Black and Decker x Prescient Use Case-1

PRESCIENT x STANLEY BLACK & DECKER. A flexible and secure data infrastructure at the plant.

"Prescient knows what it takes to unlock analytics and AI at the edge. They are a major enabler for discovering insights from complex, distributed data at the edge which can take every product to its next level”


Dr. Amir Kashani, Director AI and Digital Product development - Stanley Black & Decker

Let Your Data Drive Your Success