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Deliver operational digital twin solution in 8 weeks

What is an Operational Digital Twin?

An operational digital twin is an expert system that incorporates your team's deep domain knowledge, physic models, and AI models to improve asset health, personnel productivity, and supply chain planning. 


✓ Reduce unplanned downtime by up to 87.5%

✓ Achieve 6x ROI on component cost savings

✓ Improve personnel efficiency by more than 5x

✓ Digitize maintenance and inspection activities

✓ Measure performance of processes and assets

✓ Incorporate the know-hows from your personnel

Precision Drilling Solution Diagram

Prescient's digital twin: Leveraging the power of all your data

Our digital twin combines results from sensor-based predictive maintenance solution, insights from real-time machine and operational data, and maintenance logbook data to uncover the root causes of operational issues.

It provides smart alarms and guides operators to perform the right maintenance tasks at the right times. Best of all, it works with your existing predictive maintenance solution or with any new ones you choose.

Our unique implementation and iteration process

Our technology ensures successful adoption and delivers immediate business impact in a 2-month, 2-step process:

01 - Build

We enable a digital twin solution to be built and deployed in one month. This fast implementation creates immediate business value and impact.

02 - Iterate

Pilot the digital twin with the field team iteratively, one-hour per week over four weeks, to win their engagement and commitment.

03 - Scale

Scaling from one site to many is simple. In most cases it only requires changing a few parameters, enabling rapid adoption and value creation.

Featured Stories

Precision Drilling x Prescient Use Case – TB

Deliver immediate business impact

Precision Drilling leverages the power of real-time data to optimize their critical drilling processes with the Prescient's IDaaS solution.

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Analytical Instrumentation (1)

Optimizing instrument utilization

The manufacturer and Prescient built a pilot in under 2 weeks and delivered it to the end customer.

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Build and accumulate your knowledge base

Operational digital twins not only provide real-time visibility. It is a knowledge base for your operations across time. 

  • Record all your operations
  • Apply BI analysis over historical data
  • Optimize every aspect of your operations
  • Optimize asset and team performance



"Prescient knows what it takes to unlock analytics and AI at the edge. They are a major enabler for discovering insights from complex, distribution data at the edge which can take every product to its next level”

Amir Kashani, Director AI and Digital Product development - Stanley Black & Decker

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