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Combine your team’s expert knowledge with real-time operational data insights to guide your operational workforce in the digital age.

Deliver operational digital twin solution in 8 weeks


✓ Reduce unplanned downtime by 87%

✓ Predict component life with 95% accuracy

✓ Improve operational efficiency by 500%

Precision Drilling Solution Diagram

Sensor and Operational Data Predictive Maintenance

We combine sensor and operational data to not only predict failures but also uncover root causes so that your team can take the right corrective actions quickly.

Accurate Component Life Prediction

Our machine learning models predict component life with over 95% accuracy to prevent failures and extend component life. What’s more, we can tell you what variables affect component life the most so you can optimize your operational performance.

Meaningful Actionable Smart Alarms

We analyze high-speed high-volume operational data to generate alarms that matter. Our smart alarms help your operators to take the right actions and they also generate analytics on your operator performance.

Bottom-up Iterative Implementation

Our implementation process starts with digitizing one asset class to demonstrate business value in under 2-months. We also work with your operational team iteratively to design the digital twin together, so that the twin incorporates your team’s domain expertise and wins their trust. We are here to ensure success with both implementation and adoption.

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Precision Drilling leverages the power of real-time data to optimize their critical drilling processes with the Prescient's IDaaS solution.

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Optimizing instrument utilization

The manufacturer and Prescient built a pilot in under 2 weeks and delivered it to the end customer.

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"Prescient knows what it takes to unlock analytics and AI at the edge. They are a major enabler for discovering insights from complex, distribution data at the edge which can take every product to its next level”

Amir Kashani, Director AI and Digital Product development - Stanley Black & Decker

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