Digital twin for analytical instrumentation

Analytical instrumentation includes complex instruments used in pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, food processing, and electronics laboratories.  These instruments are complex in both what they do and the data they produce.  

A leading global manufacturer of analytical instrumentation is seeking ways to use data to solidify competitive advantage. Currently, there is no installed base visibility once the instruments get shipped to their end customers. After they reached out to Prescient, the manufacturer and Prescient built a pilot in under 2 weeks and delivered it to the end customer. The pilot included edge PC to collect data from the instruments, data fusion and analytics to transform multiple complex data streams into meaningful insights, and dashboard that shows not only real-time operational insights but also business insights. 


Because of the unprecedented insights delivered and the unprecedented implementation speed, the manufacturer quickly understood their end customer's needs, and because of the flexibility of the Prescient platform, the manufacturer and Prescient iterated on the solution over the next 4 weeks to produce the final solution.   The end customer was very impressed by the speed and flexibility of the process and decided to roll out the solution to a second site.  

Valuable insights were derived through the agile process.  On the operational side, the benefits to the end customer include:

  • Visibility into instrument performance
  • Visibility into operator performance
  • Understanding of sources of errors and inefficiencies
  • Methods to improve instrument utilization by 39%

The benefits to the manufacturer include:

  • Visibility into install-based
  • Insights into how customers use their instruments, operator errors, and instrument reliability
  • Value-added SaaS revenue from the Lab Insights software offered to their customers
  • Value-added revenue from increased services and consumables due to the visibility
  • Closer relationship with their customers

The installed base visibility that Prescient’s solution provided was key to generating the data-driven operational and business insights required to discover future product development and business opportunities. Product features, performance, reliability, services, and customer relationships are all improved based on this data-driven approach.  When this visibility is provided to the end customers, the instrumentation manufacturer creates a new data-driven business model with significant recurring revenue opportunity.

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What You Need to Know

  • Improve instrument utilization by 39%

  • Visibility into installed base within 2 weeks

  • Data-driven operational and business insights for future product development and business opportunities