WAGO deploys Node-RED solutions to hundreds of edge controllers and computers

WAGO, an industry-leading industrial automation company is a market leader in cutting-edge IIoT controller and computer products. Its IIoT product portfolio includes the cost-effective 750 PLC, the state-of-the-art 752 edge controller, and the ultra-high performance edge computer family, to meet the demand of any edge application.  

Prior to working with Prescient, WAGO application engineers have been using Node-RED to build demo solutions for their IIoT customers. Since Node-RED cannot effectively scale to multiple edge devices, it has remained as only a demo and prototyping tool. 

Using Prescient Designer, WAGO application engineers were able to migrate their Node-RED reference designs into a familiar graphical low-code programming environment that enabled them to transform their prototype into a scalable solution. This critical change sped up their solution development and hardware sales, improved customer satisfaction and generated additional revenue.

“Prescient Designer enables engineers to work on complex edge projects”, says Kurt Braun, application engineer and IIoT market specialist at Wago, “It bridges the gap between OT and IT and turns complex edge data solutions into child’s play.”

Since then, WAGO and Prescient have collaborated on multiple commercial projects. Prescient’s solution is integrated with every WAGO IIoT device, from the 750 PLC to the 752 edge controller, as well as to edge computers. “The WAGO Prescient partnership is a natural fit”, says Mark Huntzinger, VP of Business Development at Prescient, “With WAGO providing the high-performance, intelligent edge devices and Prescient providing the industry-leading, low-code IIoT development and deployment environment, the result is accelerating customer adoption, shipping more edge devices sooner and in higher volumes.  We look forward to working with WAGO to bring the complete IIoT and edge solutions to our customers.”

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What You Need to Know

  • Solution supports Node-RED

  • Scales to thousands of edge devices

  • Fit within the skillset of their OT application engineers