RealityAI scales sound-based anomaly detection solution

Reality AI, an industry-leading intelligent sensing and Edge AI company provides cutting-edge anomaly detection models based on sound and vibration for the industrial automotive, and manufacturing spaces. Its AI-based sensor analytics solutions can be embedded in tiny micro-controllers or powerful edge computing devices to detect problems in equipment or components, predict remaining useful life, and identify specific problems as they develop.

Reality AI has partnered with Prescient to develop its RealityCheck AD product to enhance the machine learning applications for automated industrial anomaly detection. This is a ready-to-implement solution for monitoring factory and process-industry assets. Just attach a Reality AI edge node plus sensor, and the solution automatically generates a baseline anomaly detection model. Over time, customers can build their anomaly database and train additional models for detecting or predicting specific faults, or for predicting the remaining useful life of components.

Reality AI uses Prescient Designer to manage, deploy, and customize its solution in the edge nodes. “Prescient provides a no-frill edge solution management template that enables us to easily deploy and update our solutions”, says Shyam Prabhakar, Director of Engineering at Reality AI, “We’ve tried multiple solutions, and Prescient’s solution fits our needs the best. It enables us to scale to thousands of edge nodes, and it provides custom low-code programming so we can customize our solution to each customer's unique needs”.

“We are excited to work with Reality AI”, says Mark Huntzinger, VP of Business Development at Prescient, “We’ve been working with Reality AI for a long time, and they offer the best AI-based, explainable sound detection solution in the industry. We look forward to helping them expand their market reach through their RealityCheck AD product and through the integration of their sound-detection solutions into our product lines."

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What You Need to Know

  • Scales solution to over 1000 edge nodes for sound-based anomaly detection solution

  • No-frill prebuilt template makes it easy to deploy and update solutions

  • Makes it possible to customize solution to each customer's unique needs