Real-time data insights for autonomous mobile robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are increasingly deployed at warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other locations to automate operations. AMRs produce huge amounts of data, often every few seconds, which can be used to provide insights into robot operations, diagnose real-time issues, and automate corrective actions.

A major public AMR company deploys anywhere between 400 to 1500 AMRs in their customers’ warehouses. These AMRs roam at high speed and communicate with the control hub through wireless access points. The company would like to optimize robot operations through log data collected from the robots, wireless access points, and automation controllers. Previously they used data warehouse and BI software to analyze this data, but the frequency was daily, which was not fast enough to improve robot operations.  Because the company used complex scripts to collect and transform data, new insights took weeks to produce.

Working with Prescient, the company and Prescient built a data solution which delivered unprecedented operational insights in under 2-weeks.  The solution digests high-speed, high volume log data, cleans this data, and fuses data from multiple sources to produce meaningful insights in real-time. This enabled the engineering team to detect robot issues in seconds, not in days. Because of the low-code Prescient platform, new insights are delivered in hours, not in weeks. Through this agile data-centric approach, the company is discovering unprecedented insights at unprecedented speed, helping them to manage and improve their state-of-the-art AMR solution.

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What You Need to Know

  • Deploys solution to 400 to 1500 AMRs in warehouses

  • Ultra-fast data transmission frequency for operational insights

  • New insights are delivered in hours, not in weeks