Digital twin solution for oil and gas drilling downtime prevention

A major North American oil and gas drilling company is looking for a digital twin solution to monitor its physical assets and operations. Oil rigs use numerous expensive equipment such as mud pumps, diesel engines, top drives, drawworks to name a few. Proper maintenance and downtime prevention is key to saving millions of dollars per year in lost revenue.

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The company has many operational data sources, including rig control software, electronic drilling recorders, work log books, sensors, and etc. Each data source produces very complex operational data, and each data source only tells a partial story of the operational statuses. Thus the challenge is to fuse these data sources together and construct a holistic view of the rig operations. The company has chosen Prescient to build the digital twin solution because Prescient’s low-code, distributed data engine technology can analyze massive streams of operational data at scale. In addition, Prescient’s solution can run at the edge or in the cloud, and can integrate with the company’s existing data warehouse infrastructure. Because the solution is low-code, Prescient can build this solution significantly faster and cheaper than competition.

Prescient’s digital twin solution enables the company to deliver actionable data insights to its operational and IT teams.  Its benefits include:

  • Collect data from multiple data streams at the edge and in the cloud
  • Cleanse, validate, contextualize, fuse, and analyze data using physics and AI models, to transform raw data into meaningful events
  • Generate real-time alerts and actionable operational insights
  • Generate long-term performance and business insights
  • Low-code data engine and dashboard, which means solution can be quickly customized and new data sources/features can be quickly added
  • Secure, containerized solution can be quickly scaled to 100+ rigs

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Digital twin solution for oil & gas drilling helps to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and empowers operational, IT, and data teams to adopt a data-driven culture.  It is also very complex as it involves data from many data sources and many locations.  Prescient’s technology is well-suited to building digital twin solutions for large, complex physical assets and systems because it is agile, flexible, extensible, and highly scalable, enabling customers to improve their data capabilities 20x faster than traditional solutions.

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What You Need to Know

  • Downtime prevention and predictive maintenance for oil and gas drilling

  • Analyze massive streams of operational data at scale

  • Actionable insights for operational and IT teams