Industrial IoT Use Cases

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Predictive Maintenance

Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance

  • Monitor and predict time-to-failure based on vibration, temperature, and current.
  • User customizable and programmable
  • Allows for future expansion to other sensor and IIOT solutions


Predictive Maintenance for CNC Machines | IIoT Use Case
Remote Monitoring

Chemical monitoring and dispensing

Remotely monitor the quality of chemical properties and optimize the dispensing rate based on advanced sensor measurements. Alert the operator when chemicals need to be replaced.

Smart chemical dispensing and monitoring
Anomaly Detection

AI-based, sensor-driven anomaly detection

Reality AI, our solutions partner, enhances ML applications for automated industrial anomaly detection. Train additional models for detecting or predicting component deterioration.

Predictive maintenance for robotic arms | IIoT Use Case

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