Use Cases


Data analytics for industrial systems

Acquire, transform, and realize data insights from industrial systems. Perform predictive maintenance and advanced data analytics.


Chemical monitoring and dispensing

Remotely monitor the quality of chemical properties and optimize the dispensing rate based on advanced sensor measurements. Alert the operator when chemical needs to be replenished.


Monitor wastewater lift station

Municipalities require the monitoring of wastewater lift stations.  By integrating with the Advantech ADAM digital I/O module, Prescient Devices enables the monitoring of smart city solutions at scale.

AI-based, sensor-driven anomaly detection

Reality AI, our solutions partner, enhances ML applications for automated industrial anomaly detection. Train additional models to fine-tune detection and prediction.


Machine Vision

Detect defects, conditions, or events using advanced machine vision running on low-cost edge CPU.  No more need to stream large amount of machine vision data to the cloud.


Edge Data Acquisition

Acquire, format, and transform data at the edge, store into local or remote database, build local or cloud dashboard.  Build your data pipeline from any source, anywhere.


Convert BACnet to MQTT

Modernize building automation with modern MQTT and JSON protocols. Customers can send MQTT queries to probe BACnet devices and return results as JSON objects.


Monitor energy generation and consumption

As renewable energy systems grow, there is an increasing need to monitor and optimize energy generation and consumption. Supporting MODBUS, Sunspec, and other standard protocols, Prescient Devices helps to monitor distributed energy systems at scale.


Container Management

Deploy and monitor your containers at the edge at scale. Run any commands you like to manage your fleet of edge devices. Powerful and completely flexible.
Advanced Security for Prescient Designer and Edge

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