Prescient Predictive Kit

Set up a working remote monitoring and predictive maintenance solution right out-of-the-box with required hardware and software components in a single kit.


What's inside?

  • Working solution straight out of the box
  • Remote monitoring template to explore and expand
  • Prescient Designer for simple solution scaling and support

Hardware Included:

NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance (PM) Sensor V3

  • Monitor temperature, vibration, current
  • Can run with or without the battery
  • Encrypted communication

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Industrial IoT Wireless to USB Modem

  • Industrial Grade IoT Wireless USB Modem
  • 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Works With PC, MAC, Linux and Edge Gateway

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WAGO Edge Computer (752-9400)

  • Pre-configured with Prescient Edge
  • Runs Linux
  • Industrial-grade equipment

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Software Included:

Prescient Designer Community Edition

  • Limited to 2 devices
  • Secure MQTT broker
  • Remote monitoring template to fetch vibration, current, temperature data from the sensor
  • Real-time visualization on Prescient Dashboard
  • Adjustable alert thresholds

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Group 80

Monitor CNC data to prevent unexpected downtime with Prescient Predictive Kit

Monitor CNC machines effortlessly with NCD predictive maintenance sensors, WAGO edge computers and Prescient Designer.

  • Prebuilt predictive maintenance solution template
  • Able to monitor many CNC machines in different geo-locations
  • Added data analytics and AI to their application remotely
  • Used edge DataOps to predict downtime and minimize impact

How they did it:

One of our customers started with our prebuilt and customizable predictive maintenance solution template, and expanded it into a solution that monitors many CNC machines in different geo-locations. Using Prescient Designer, our cloud-hosted low-code edge data platform, they could add data analytics and AI to their maintenance application with a few clicks of a button. Then, they were able to make use of their gathered data from heterogenous machines by applying data cleansing and transforming functions straight from within Prescient Designer. These data insights enabled them to predict when the CNC machines needed maintenance or were malfunctioning, and minimized the impact of machine downtime on their business operations.

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