Industrial IoT Consulting Services

We understand that an IoT system includes many technology layers and components, and we can help you to build and source every component needed in your solutions through our consulting team and our partners.

Engineers discuss using Prescient Designer to design IoT applications

Supporting your IoT strategy, hardware and application

Strategy and planning

With 11+ years of real IoT experience, we can help you to plan the most effective IoT adoption strategy.

Hardware selection

We'll help you select and support edge devices, sensors, equipment, etc., for your complete IoT application need.

Drivers and protocols

We help you to get data into Prescient Edge from your sensors and equipment for further analysis.

Application support

If you have a quick question about how to build your application, just send us a note and we’ll do our best to help.


Complete IoT solutions, designed to fit your custom needs

IoT Solution Design

We can design complete IoT solutions for you. Since we build in low-code with many existing template solutions, we can build your solution with significant time and cost savings.

The best part is that you own the low-code solution and can continue to modify and improve it at your convenience.

Custom hardware design and production

We can help your custom hardware needs. We can help you find the right design and manufacturing partners so your IoT solution can be completed quickly and cost-efficiently.

In-Depth Training

We offer in-depth training on Prescient Designer and Prescient Edge to empower your engineers with the knowledge and tools they need to customize and improve your IoT application.