Drive Digital Adoption Success

A rapid framework to maximize business value and win user commitment

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Digital Adoption Success is Attainable

Today's digital transformation challenge is no longer building a digital product; it is gaining successful adoption. The success requires generating significant business value and winning user commitment. This is where the majority of projects fail.

Prescient's battle-tested rapid adoption framework maximizes adoption success in 2-months. This framework, combining strategy with execution, has been used in large enterprise projects and proven to be successful in nearly every project. Let us lead your digital adoption process and help you to achieve success at the highest level.

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How it works


01 - Build

Define focused success criteria and build pilot in 1-month.


02 - Iterate

Work with the end users through a weekly iteration cycle for 1-month. This is where business values are discovered and user engagement won.


03 - Scale

Scale to multiple sites, incorporate more feedback, and analyze business value.


Successful Adoption Through Rapid Strategic Execution

During the adoption process, we will work with your team to:

+  Define short and long-term vision, and execute in small, quick, measured steps

+  Set ambitious goals, but manage expectations along the way

+  Gather feedback from all parties, but focus on a single execution path

+ Focus intensely on end users and involve them closely in the iteration process


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