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Built on Node-RED, Massively Scalable

It’s Node-RED, but distributed. Program all your devices in one elegant flow. Scale quickly with a single click.

Prescient Designer for Node-RED users
Test- Designer

Familiar interface, now with enterprise-class architecture

Bring a totally new, enterprise-class architecture to the most popular open-source flow programming software. 

  • Distributed Programming

  • Enterprise Features

  • Edge DataOps

Single Instance to Distributed Programming with Prescient Designer

From single instance to scalable, distributed solutions

While Node-RED is powerful, it is designed to be executed in one machine. With Prescient Designer, you can perform distributed programming and remotely deploy your solutions to multiple devices with a single click.

Proprietary Features for an Open-Source Favorite with Prescient Designer

Enterprise features for an open-source favorite

The open-source platform is already loved by tens of thousands of users worldwide, and we expanded its capabilities with numerous enterprise-class features to help engineers secure and scale their edge data solutions.

Edge DataOps using Prescient Designer

Specialized in Edge DataOps

We’ve revolutionized the way engineers work with edge data by creating a set of packages tailored to Edge DataOps. Acquire, cleanse, transform, and contextualize with drag-and-drop nodes.

Simplify Your IoT Workflow and Streamline IoT Processes with Prescient Designer

Node-RED is a general-purpose tool that can be used to build a wide variety of applications. Prescient Designer, on the other hand, focuses on distributed edge data applications. If you are looking for a platform that is specifically designed to process massive data and extract insights from the edge, then Prescient Designer is a better choice.

Discover the difference between Node-RED vs. Prescient.

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Node-RED vs. Prescient Designer

What's the difference between Node-RED and Prescient?

Read the in-depth comparison to figure out which platform is right for your next edge application.

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How to Scale Node-RED to Enterprise-grade Applications Webinar

Scale your Node-RED for enterprise-grade applications

Visit one of our most popular webinars on how to bring Node-RED prototypes to scale.

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Prescient Node-RED Application Note for Node-RED Users

From prototype to production: Prescient for Node-RED users

Discover how you can pair your Node-RED knowledge with Prescient Designer for your projects.

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Prescient Designer Edge Data Solution Templates

"This type of development assistance is vital to the broad acceptance of IoT to remove the barrier to entry. It provides value to the stakeholders immediately on which to build.”

Kevin Welday, Senior Application Engineer, Bosch Rexroth

Kevin Welday

Build distributed edge applications