How to scale Node-RED with Prescient Designer

Bringing a totally new, enterprise-class architecture to the most popular open-source low-code programming software for IoT

Prescient Designer for Node-RED users

Design, simulate, deploy, manage

Our key features enable you to deploy and iterate fast, helping you discover the optimal IoT solution for your business operations

Distributed programming and synchronization

Distributed programming and synchronization

It’s Node-RED, but distributed. Program all your devices in one elegant flow. Learn quickly with our familiar interface.

Crash recovery and rollback

Crash recovery and rollback

Node-RED doesn’t get stuck often, but we eliminate that possibility with our proprietary recovery and rollback technology.

Edge to cloud security

Edge-to-cloud security

Fully-managed, TLS encrypted, and password-protected communication for every data link.

Hardware support

Sensor and hardware support

Whether you need edge devices, sensors, or drivers, we can help you to get the hardware you need.

Device provisioning and management

Device orchestration and management

No need for a separate device orchestration service, everything is done inside our software.

Compatibility with Node-RED

Compatibility with Node-RED

Enjoy the benefits of the popular low-code software while being able to simply scale with Prescient Designer.


Large IoT device provider’s applications engineer easily moves stalled reference design to production at scale

A global IoT device provider’s applications engineer uses Prescient Designer to develop reference designs for their customers in the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Prescient Designer: Scaling Node-RED to Enterprise-class IoT applications

Join us as we examine how Prescient Designer, the leading IoT design automation SaaS platform, incorporates the critical elements of Node-RED into a totally new, enterprise-class architecture, making programming and managing hundreds or thousands of edge devices as easy as just one click.


Leap forward in IoT implementation, and own your growth

Prescient Designer is built on Node-RED and supports existing Node-RED flows, so you can plug your prototype solutions into Prescient Designer and scale to thousands of devices, with enhanced performance, reliability, and security.

Prescient Designer supports Node-RED

Scale your IoT solutions with ease.