2 devices


Become one of our community adopters and use our product for free

  • Standard components
  • Up to 2 provisioned devices
  • 24 hour re-login required
  • Standard solution templates
  • Community support

2 to 100 devices


Transform your PoC into a scalable solution from the cloud to edge

  • Standard components
  • Up to 100 devices
  • Always-on Designer
  • Standard solution templates
  • 72-hour standard support



Large-scale edge deployment with custom needs? Talk to our experts

  • Standard components
  • Beyond 100 devices
  • Always-on Designer
  • Advanced solution templates
  • 24-hour premium support


What's in the box

Standard Components

  • Cloud hosted development software
  • Prescient Edge runtime
  • Cloud and edge dashboards
  • Advanced device management
  • Automated edge solution deployment
  • Edge security monitoring

Advanced edge features


  • Private registry
  • Time-series database
  • Grafana dashboards
  • Additional RAM and data space
  • Advanced solution templates
  • Advanced partner solutions

Need clarification?

What does 24-hour re-login mean?

You need to use Prescient Designer every 24 hours for it to stay up.  Otherwise we spin it down to save cloud cost.  All your data are intact and all your edge devices continue to run.

How is Prescient Designer different from Node-RED?

Prescient Designer is compatible with Node-RED, but it runs in the cloud and enables you to program thousands of edge devices running Prescient Edge, which is a hardened Node-RED with enterprise-grade security and reliability.

Can I change my plan later?

You pay an annual cost for your device tier, but you can continue to purchase additional device plans through the year.

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