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Professional Services

Have your solution designed, developed and deployed with the help of our professional services team.

✓ Full solution with dashboard and web apps

✓ Edge solution deployment from the cloud

✓ Solution is yours to own, no vendor lock-in

Managed Solutions

Managing your full solution can be complicated and we can take care of it for you.

✓ DevOps for fully-managed solution

✓ Full solution support

✓ Training for your IT team for future handoff

Prescient's Platform

We make it possible to scale your solutions with our cloud-hosted platform and edge components.

✓ Prescient Designer and Edge

✓ Scalable deployment capability 

✓ Device management from the cloud

Prescient Designer

• Cloud-hosted
• 2-factor authentication
• Device management
• Package synchronization
• Intelligent flow deployment
• Device filtering & labelling
• Flow monitoring & rollback
• Flow backup
• Multi-user support
• Proprietary DataOps packages

Prescient Edge

• Native, docker, Ubuntu Core, Windows WSL, AWS Greengrass, Azure IoT Hub runtimes
• Prescient Edge Manager automatic updates
• InfluxDB and TensorFlow
• Common edge gateways, PCs, and controllers


• Secure, dedicated MQTT broker
• Private npm registries
• Private and public dashboards
• AWS security audit
• AWS business support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial of Prescient Designer?

Yes! With our Free Forever edition of Prescient Designer, you can explore all the features Designer has to offer and provision a couple devices to it to familiarize yourself with the workspace. Request the free edition.

With this free version, you need to use Prescient Designer every 24 hours for it to stay up. Otherwise, we spin it down to save cloud cost. All your data will stay intact and all your edge devices will continue to run.

How is Prescient Designer different from Node-RED?

Prescient Designer is compatible with Node-RED and makes it enterprise-ready by enabling you to program and run thousands of edge devices at the edge with a single deployment. 

You can read the full comparison here.

What is Prescient Edge?

Prescient Edge is our runtime inside your edge devices located in various warehouses, industrial sites, or wherever you need them. It makes it easier for us to scale your solution from Prescient Designer.

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