Deliver High-quality Data and Events

✔ Access data wherever they are located

✔ Clean, validate, and contextualize raw data

✔ Apply fusion and analytics to extract events

✔ Serve high-quality data to you via API

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Accelerate your data applications

Up to 80% of a data project's time is spent on data preparation.  Leave that to us.  We work with some of the largest global companies to provide them with high-quality data, so that they can do more data science.  We deliver data faster, cheaper, and with higher quality.

Prescient Data Engine


Deliver data and results in 4 weeks


Visually explainable workflows giving you transparency and control


Built on the most popular data frameworks in the industry

Visually explainable workflows that scale

Our data workflows are modular, graphical, and hierarchical. They scale horizontally, vertically, and geographically to support your massive data needs.  Best of all, you get to see exactly how your data gets processed through the graphical steps.

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Prescient Designer brings edge and cloud in one place

Reduce Downtime and Improve Performance

Prescient helps North American oil and gas drilling company monitor rig equipment and operations using an event-driven operational digital twin. Read this use case.

Low-code Data Framework

Prescient builds data solutions through a modular, low-code technology framework.  From data engine to analytics to visualization, Prescient adopts open, drag-and-drop tools to accelerate implementation and updates, ensuring the long-term success of your data solutions.  

 How to benefit from the Modern Data Stack?

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"Prescient Designer enables engineers to work on complex edge data projects. It bridges the gap between OT and IT and turns complex edge solutions into child's play."

Kurt Braun | Sr. Application Engineer IIoT @ WAGO

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