Low Code Edge Solutions Platform

Design and simulate in the cloud, deploy to the edge with a single click

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Complete solution development

Flatten your complete IIoT system into a functional-block diagram. Program all your edge analytics, cloud analytics, edge and cloud dashboards, in the same flow. Send data from any device to any other device by drawing a wire. Drag-and-drop data analytics and AI modules into your devices.

Scale to thousands of devices

Your IIoT system is distributed. You have many devices and they perform many tasks. Whether you have a dozen devices or thousands, you can remotely program and deploy with a single click.  No command-line environments, no DevOps, no container development. Speed up your development and deployment processes by 10x.

Scaling to thousands of devices with Designer
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Secure operating environment

Within Prescient Designer, you have a root of trust of your complete IIoT system. Our proprietary technology enables you to track every device behavior and every user activity, including any changes in your application in any device.

Low code AI and analytics

IIoT is ultimately about extracting insights from data. Data analytics and AI are at the center of it, but they are not very useful if they are black boxes. We provide the tools for your engineers to work with data and AI, at the edge and in the cloud, with simplicity and flexibility. Low-code analytics and AI are essential skills for the engineering force of the future.

Advanced analytics from Prescient Designer
Hardware compatibility

Hardware optimization

There is no one-size-fits all at the edge. We support IoT gateways, edge GPUs, and automation controllers from major global manufacturers, and we rigorously test and optimize Prescient Edge for each hardware model. We understand the "Things" in IoT.

Build your edge solution with Prescient Designer

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