What is Prescient Designer?

Delivering real-time, distributed data solutions in 2 weeks

Prescient Designer makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage advanced data solutions. Our low-code platform makes it possible to build sophisticated data solution in a couple weeks, enabling the delivery of unprecedented insights at unprecedented speed.

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Prescient Designer Workspace


Build solutions in 2 weeks, add features in hours with unprecedented speed and flexibility.


Empower engineers and domain experts to create data solutions that can grow and evolve.


Own your solutions and benefit from thousands of prebuilt packages and a vibrant community.

The Modern Edge Data Stack

Revolutionize the way your organization works with edge data

Build the right data stack for long-term growth.  Work with data anywhere, deploy apps to run anywhere, and optimize both operational and business insights under one data framework.

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Build Sound-Based Anomaly Detection


Speed up time-to-market by 3 to 6 months


Manage Equipment Data from the Edge

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Edge Data Pipeline

Build data pipelines to produce consistent, high-quality data from massive numbers of edge data sources. Use hundreds of data connectors, cleansing functions, and transformation recipes.

Data Fusion and Analytics

Fuse data from multiple, complex, real-time data sources, and apply advanced analytics to produce meaningful events. Run AI/ML to dive into events data and find deep insights.

Data Visualization

Build dashboards to visualize both real-time operational insights and long-term business insights.  Slice and dice events data to produce unprecedented data intelligence.

Strong Open Ecosystem

Support Node-RED, Node.JS, InfluxDB, Grafana, Snowflake, common industrial data protocols, common industrial edge hardware.  No lock-in, extensible, and scales with your needs.

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Perform Edge DataOps across your organization

Prescient Designer is ready for your enterprise-grade applications. Do less technology work and focus more on generating data-driven insights.


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