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One-stop SaaS to design, simulate, deploy, operate and extend IoT/AI systems


Unified Design

Combine edge app, cloud app and dashboard in one solution

Enterprise-grade Security

We put IoT security first with real-time content-based monitoring

Agile Development

Transform your concept into project deployment in just 3 weeks

Open and Extensible

Reap the benefits of an open ecosystem and install from thousands of packages

IoT security is at
the core of our architecture

Security remains the top concern for enterprise IoT adopters today, with 40% of industrial customers identifying security as their top concern (Bain). At Prescient Devices, Inc., IoT security is not only our first priority, it is at the core of our architecture.

40% citing security as their top concern in IoT adoption (Bain & Co.)

Managed Security

Our patented security solution ensures that authentic applications are running on every edge device. Our software provides a “digital twin” of the entire system to simplify logging, auditing, and reporting.

Communication Security

Dedicated communication channels are provided to each customer and all communication channels are encrypted with TLS security.*

Protected Cloud

We offer enterprise-grade cloud security with TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, dedicated VM*, and advanced security audits.

Embedded Security

Edge devices are equipped with hardened keys or passwords, and edge applications are monitored in real-time for unauthorized access.


Featured Application Story

Large IoT equipment OEM system engineer easily moves stalled reference design to enterprise application deployment

A global IoT equipment OEM’s system engineer uses Node-RED to develop reference designs on their edge devices for several customers. However, scaling up the reference designs is not possible because Node-RED does not support large-scale device deployments.

Supporting Node-RED

Designer is built on Node-RED and supports existing Node-RED flows, so you can plug your prototype solutions into Designer and scale to thousands of devices, with enhanced performance, reliability, and security.


Supporting end-to-end solutions

We support turnkey solution templates from the sensor to the cloud. Whether you need a remote monitoring solution or an industrial automation solution, you can deploy on day one and then customize as you wish. We support remote programming of most CPU/GPU based edge devices. You can order plug-and-play devices from us or use your own devices.

Distributed programming and synchronization

Crash recovery and rollback

Edge-to-cloud security

Sensor and hardware support

Device provisioning and management


From Prototype to Production

Prescient Designer for Node-RED users

Uncover how Prescient Designer supports and builds on Node-RED to enable small IT teams to scale IoT solutions across hundreds and thousands of devices.

Upcoming Webinar — March 24, 2021

Prescient Designer: Scaling Node-RED to Enterprise-class IoT Application

Join us as we examine how Prescient Designer, the leading IoT design automation SaaS platform, incorporates the critical elements of Node-RED into a totally new, enterprise-class architecture, making programming and managing hundreds or thousands of edge devices as easy as just one click.

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