Eliminate Data Silos, Deliver Complete Visibility

✔ Access your data wherever they are located

✔ Transform raw data into knowledge

✔ Combine knowledge into holistic insights

✔ Visualize insights with custom dashboards

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Combine all your data sources

Use our data engine to work with data wherever they are located. Collect, validate, cleanse, contextualize, fuse and analyze your data across thousands of locations. Generate the most comprehensive insights and eliminate data silos and gaps. Read more in our edge data white paper.

Prescient Data Engine


Increase adoption speed, reduce solution cost, and stay ahead of the competition


Upskill employees, create data-driven culture, and give anyone the power to shape the future


Supported by an open ecosystem community, and keep up with technology changes

Adopt rapid iteration culture for your data

Our low-code technology builds data engines through a graphical interface and deploys them to your data locations with a single click, enabling rapid iteration on your data capability.

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Low Code Iteration

Reduce downtime and lost revenue over a hundred rigs

Prescient helps North American oil and gas drilling company monitor physical assets and operations using an event-driven digital twin. Read this use case.

A holistic approach to enterprise data needs

Keep your data flexible and scalable with our evidence-backed approach. Transform your operational data into the Modern Data Stack to query, mine, slice and dice deep insights to make better operational and business decisions.

 How to benefit from the modern data framework?

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"Prescient Designer enables engineers to work on complex edge data projects. It bridges the gap between OT and IT and turns complex edge solutions into child's play."

Kurt Braun | Sr. Application Engineer IIoT @ WAGO

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