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Prescient Designer is your one-stop SaaS to design, simulate, deploy, operate and extend IoT/AI systems

Low-code ensures agility for the future

IoT systems need to be programmable and today this is hard. Prescient Designer enables you to build and evolve your own applications, from the edge to the cloud, all in a unified graphical programming environment.
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Low-code programming

Drag-and-drop graphical programming, simple and intuitive interfaces, pre-qualified modules and recipes, purposely built to ensure flexibility and agility.

Edge-to-cloud integration

Program all your edge devices, edge dashboards, cloud functions, and cloud dashboards in the same flow to speed up your development by 12x

Built-in device orchestration

Deploy to all your devices, in real-time, with press of a button. No need to understand containers, CI/CD pipelines, and speed up your deployment process by 10x

Advanced Security

Fully managed, certificate-based security from the edge to the cloud. Our proprietary content-based monitoring solution ensures that the intended applications run in your edge devices.

Template Solutions

Pre-built, enterprise-class template solutions from machine vision to advanced analytics. Drag-and-deploy from day one with the flexibility to evolve them over time.

Open Ecosystem

Join the most popular open-source low-code programming ecosystem with strong community and support. Fully compatible with Node-RED and no lock-in.


Manageable by your existing engineering team

IoT should not require your team to learn about software frameworks or containers or networks or security. If your team has used software such as Labview or RSLogix, they can build and manage high-quality IoT solutions in Prescient Designer with minimum training.


Use it for your IoT projects, whether if it's one device or a thousand

Whether you need to deploy 3000 devices to perform AI-based remote inspection, or you want to grab one device to monitor your equipment condition, you can do it in Prescient Designer quickly and easily.  With fully supported sensors, devices, and reference solution templates, you can deploy common solutions nearly instantaneously.


Scale with enhanced performance, reliability, and security

Prescient Designer supports existing Node-RED flows, so you can plug your prototype solutions into Designer and scale to thousands of devices, with enhanced performance, reliability, and security.

Prescient Designer Features

Empower every engineer to build and deploy IoT applications

Watch how easy it is to work with data from the edge to the cloud, and then scale to thousands of devices with a single-click.


IoT security is at the core of our architecture

Security remains the top concern for enterprise IoT adopters today. At Prescient Devices, Inc., IoT security is not only our first priority, it is at the core of our architecture.

40% citing security as their top concern in IoT adoption (Bain & Co.)

Managed Security

Our patented security solution ensures that authentic applications are running on every edge device. Simplify logging, auditing, and reporting.

Communication Security

From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.

Protected Cloud

We offer enterprise-grade cloud security with TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, dedicated VM*, and advanced security audits.

Embedded Security

Edge devices are equipped with hardened keys or passwords, and edge applications are monitored in real-time for unauthorized access.


Supporting end-to-end solutions

We support turnkey solution templates from the sensor to the cloud. Whether you need a remote monitoring solution or an industrial automation solution, you can deploy on day one and then customize as you wish. We support remote programming of most CPU/GPU based edge devices. You can order plug-and-play devices from us or use your own devices.


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