Enable the Modern Edge Data Stack

DataOps for the distributed edge


What is Prescient Designer?

Prescient Designer empowers you to acquire, cleanse, transform, and contextualize your edge data. Whether your data comes from sensors, machines, Historians, or files, Prescient Designer helps you to deliver high-quality, consistent data in real-time with elasticity and scalability.

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Build & Manage Dataflows

Build dataflows in the cloud and manage all your data operations through a single pane of glass.

Run & Deploy Anywhere

Deploy and run your dataflows in the cloud or at the edge, scale to thousands of sites at a single click.

Modern Edge Data Stack

Powered by Node-RED and Node.js, and supports all major data and AI frameworks.

What you can do with Prescient Designer

Edge Data Pipeline

Build data pipelines to produce high-quality, consistent data from massive numbers of edge data sources. Use hundreds of data connectors, cleansing functions, and transformation recipes.

Edge AI Customization

Make your edge AI solutions customizable and extensible by adding our low-code dataflow to extract data from any data source, transform data from any data format, post-process AI outputs, and integrate with your IT infrastructure.

Data Quality Management

Homogenize data schema from thousands of your data sources. Use our OpenCDMTM data management solution to manage data models, validate data structure, and track data lineage.

Strong Open Ecosystem

Use 3000+ modules from Node-RED and 200,000+ packages from Node.JS. Support most common industrial data sources, formats, and protocols. Supports dozens of edge controllers, computers, and GPUs.

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Perform Edge DataOps across your organization

Prescient Designer is ready for your enterprise-grade applications. Do less data work and focus on generating data-driven insights.


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