Industrial Data as a Service

Delivering real-time high-quality data for AI and digital twins

What is Industrial DaaS?

Projects involving industrial data may use up to 80% of their time on data preparation. Turning noisy and complex data into high quality event data is tedious.

Industrial Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) delivers high quality event-based data from your industrial time-series data. Prescient's IDaaS approach enables some of the largest industrial companies to do more data science and DataOps.

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Why the Event Data Layer?

Event data is the knowledge extracted from the industrial data. Prescient's Event Data Layer provides a clean and structured data layer for your teams to query, understand and build a knowledge base with accurate, site-specific data.


Collect and process data from all locations

Our data workflows are modular, graphical, and hierarchical. They scale horizontally, vertically, and geographically to support your massive data needs. Best of all, you get to see exactly how your data gets processed through the graphical steps.

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Less data volume when we process data locally at the data source. No need to send it all to the cloud.



Less data consumption when deploying our data engines. No need to deploy containers for every little iteration.



Supports popular modern existing edge data architecture like Azure IoT Hub and AWS Greengrass. 


Fast Delivery

A typical solution takes 1 month to build, speeding up your data transformation. Start seeing results.


Horizontal, vertical, and geographical scaling

A distributed data engine that scales with the size and complexity of your data. Handles massive number of data tags in OSI PI and Snowflake.

Edge Data Deployment

Visually explainable workflows that scale

Why use data scripts when you can use visual workflows? Our low-code approach makes it faster to build, easier to understand, and scales better with complexity.

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Minimize uncertainty, maximize scalability

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"Prescient Designer enables engineers to work on complex edge data projects. It bridges the gap between OT and IT and turns complex edge solutions into child's play."

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