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Edge Data Acquisition Solution Template

Aug 04 @ 11AM ET - Acquire, format, process, store and visualize data from the edge to the cloud

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One engineer can build a sensor-to-cloud IoT solution that is easy to design, scale and secure. Low-code design automation technology that reimagines IoT, without the complexity. 

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Agility is key when it comes to IoT adoption. Gain speed and flexibility with the low-code IoT solutions platform to deploy solutions in weeks, not years.

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Join the largest open source IoT ecosystem with enterprise-grade security, reliability and scalability.

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“Rapid pilot and system deployment are essential in the adoption of IoT and the accelerated acceptance of Industry 4.0. Prescient Designer, when combined with the new ctrlX CORE, allows automation engineers to rapidly develop and deploy IoT systems using its low-code platform.”

“I am excited about Prescient’s pragmatic and creative approach to handling the scale and complexity of emerging IoT deployments. [It] has the potential to truly transform how IoT systems are implemented and managed at scale.”

“Prescient Designer leapfrogs the current market’s noise and clutter by viewing enterprise-class IoT applications development and support as a unified challenge that can be managed by a single, scalable solution.”


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