Make Data More Intelligent

✓ Deliver operational and business intelligence

✓ Extract previously undiscoverable insights

✓ Empower your people and culture

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Drive Hyperintelligence

Prescient delivers operational, business, and performance intelligence using data from your physical assets, control software, work logs, and other data sources.

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Unleash Hidden Insights

Your data contains incredible insights, but they remain to be discovered. Prescient specializes in fusing massive, disparate data streams and deriving previously undiscoverable insights.

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Your People are Your Business

Prescient empowers your operational, IT, and data teams to adopt a data-driven culture and improves the process and the outcome of their work.

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Supporting your edge data transformation

We use the modern edge data stack to provide you with full-stack support from raw data collection to insight analytics, fully automated, secure, and integrates with your existing data stack and IT infrastructure.

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Prescient knows what it takes to unlock analytics and AI at the edge. They are a major enabler for discovering insights from complex, distributed data at the edge which can take every product to its next level.
Amir Kashani
Director AI and Digital Product Development - Stanley Black & Decker
We’ve tried multiple solutions, and Prescient’s solution fits our needs the best. It enables us to customize our solution to each customer's unique needs.
Shyam Prabhakar
Reality AI - Director of Engineering
Prescient Designer enables engineers to work on complex edge data projects. It bridges the gap between OT and IT and turns complex edge data solutions into child's play.
Kurt Braun
WAGO - Sr. Application Engineer IIoT |

Rapid pilot and system deployment are essential for our automation engineers to rapidly develop and deploy edge data systems using its low-code platform.

Hans Michael Krause
Bosch Rexroth AG ctrlX AUTOMATION - Dir.PM
Prescient's pragmatic and creative approach has the potential to transform how edge data systems are implemented and managed at scale.
Hari Balakrishnan
Cambridge Mobile Telematics - CTO

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