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Scale Node-RED solutions in WAGO edge controllers

Webinar Description

WAGO is a global leader for automation technology, providing high-quality, cost-effective hardware for smart connected solutions. Prescient’s flagship product, Prescient Designer, takes a graphical approach to building IIoT and edge solutions, empowering businesses to quickly and easily solve their edge data challenges.

Built on the popular Node-RED and Node.js open ecosystem, Prescient Designer enables application engineers, system integrators, and data engineers to build enterprise-grade, large-scale edge data solutions.

Pablo Acosta from Prescient will discuss key features including:

  • Build application workflows in the cloud
  • Deploy them to run in thousands of edge devices
  • Advanced device and configuration management features
  • Security and reliability features at the edge
  • Usability shortcuts, advanced subflow management, and more!
Kurt Braun and Jesse Cox from WAGO will show you how they build smart edge solutions on WAGO’s PFC200 controller.

Learn how to:

  • Install Prescient Edge container onto the PFC200
  • Interact with IO Modules using MQTT
  • Mass deployment of your application
  • Manage workflows for multiple devices

Webinar Deck

Browse through the main concepts by viewing our webinar deck.

About the Speakers

Kurt Braun | Senior Applications Engineer IIoT, WAGO
12+ years with WAGO, and host of the ‘WagoKurt’ YouTube channel with 14k subscribers.

Jesse Cox | Senior Applications Engineer IIoT, WAGO
8+ years with WAGO, and developer of numerous open source projects related to IoT.

Pablo Acosta (Ph.D., MIT) | VP Engineering
Senior technologist with extensive experience in hardware, software, and systems.

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