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Customizable Predictive Maintenance with NCD Long-Range Wireless Sensors

Webinar Description

When it comes to industrial remote monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions, wireless sensors are becoming an increasingly popular preference for plant engineers and managers alike.

In this webinar, our speakers, Travis Elliot and Pablo Acosta Ph.D., will explore how National Control Devices’ (NCD’s) industry-leading, long-range wireless sensors and Prescient Devices’ plug-and-play, customizable, and scalable predictive maintenance solutions empower engineering teams to protect machines, equipment, and business operations.

  • The benefits of using NCD long-range wireless sensors (28-miles of range and 10 years of battery life) that support a consistent data interface.
  • The broad portfolio of NCD sensors including temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, current, gas, light, gesture, 4-20mA, and etc., and how they support Node-RED out of the box.
  • The benefits of having a customizable and scalable predictive maintenance solution that can be specifically tailored to your system and enable optimal performance and continued improvement.
  • How to build this solution in Node-RED based Prescient Designer to support thousands of NCD sensors and use InfluxDB to store and retrieve sensor data and detection results.

Webinar Deck

Browse through the main concepts by viewing our webinar deck.

About the Speakers

Travis Elliot is a Design and Application engineer with National Control Devices with over 20 year of experience in his field.  Notable talents are Software/Firmware development, Sales and Support, Optimization for manufacturing processes, CAD/CAM development, IoT Specialist, and more.

Pablo Acosta, Ph.D. is a senior technologist whose extensive and comprehensive experience includes challenging high-speed mixed-signal IC design, signal processing algorithms, EDA tool development, and authoring industry standards. Pablo received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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