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How to Manage Your Time Series Data Pipeline at the Edge with InfluxDB

Webinar Description

Prescient Devices is the creator of a low-code DataOps solution for the edge. Prescient Devices’ flagship product, Prescient Designer, is a simple, graphical, and programmable SaaS workflow development platform which helps clients to work with time series data at the edge. It enables IT/OT teams, data engineers and system integrators to build and manage agile data pipelines with zero lines of code. Discover how InfluxDB enables Prescient Devices’ clients to aggregate their IIoT sensor data at the edge for easy reporting and dashboards. By using a time series database, their customers make distributed data operations, such as ETL and edge analytics, faster and more convenient for end users.

Join this webinar as Pablo Acosta and Ashish Yadav dive into:

  • Prescient Devices’ approach to building advanced edge-to-cloud data pipelines

  • How to store, retrieve, and aggregate data from the edge for distributed data operations

  • Their methodology to using a time series database for distributed ETL and edge analytics

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