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Automated Anomaly Detection Using Sound

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As the Industrial IoT is going through its sustainable manufacturing transition, predictive maintenance with edge AI has emerged as a key driver for the improvement of smart factory efficiency. Reality AI is a new platform powering edge AI in Industrial IoT - enabling advanced sensing through automated machine learning, explainable AI, and hardware analytics for cost-efficient deployments at scale in automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Its AI-based sensor signal analytics solutions deliver real-time equipment condition monitoring and quality assurance with sound, vibration, current/voltage and/or other streaming sensor signals. Reality AI’s new RealityCheck AD product leverages this technology as well as the Prescient Designer Platform from technology partner Prescient Devices.

Join Reality AI and Prescient Devices to uncover how you can implement anomaly detection at scale, for sustainable advanced manufacturing. Our technical panelists will demonstrate how RealityCheck AD can apply machine learning at the edge to perform automated industrial anomaly detection for monitoring factory and process-industry assets. You will walk away with practical steps to build - data models for classifying or predicting specific faults, or for predicting the remaining useful life of components.

In addition, we will showcase how Prescient Devices' container management solution enables RealityCheck AD to activate large-scale deployments. Moreover, by developing solution templates with partners like Reality AI, Prescient Devices tackles enterprise edge computing and data engineering challenges head on in a way that's easy to use and readily deployable.

Register now and tune in on November 18th to discover how this collaboration between Reality AI and Prescient Devices provides new opportunities for edge AI, predictive maintenance and industry 4.0. 

Webinar Deck

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About the Speakers

Nalin Balan (Reality AI) is a high-growth sales and business development leader with over 15 years of multi-faceted experience in high-tech software, hardware, and intellectual property technology.

Shyam Prabhakar (Reality AI) is a senior engineering leader with many years of SaaS startup experience. Shyam's led and managed teams across several functions within R&D. He received his MBA at Virginia Tech.

Mark Huntzinger (Prescient Devices) is a technology sales and marketing executive with 25+ years of experience at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500. Mark has led hundreds of successful growth initiatives in his career resulting in over $100 million in incremental revenue. Mark has a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Ashish Yadav (Prescient Devices) leads the full-stack development of Prescient Devices’s IoT design automation platform — Prescient Designer. He has extensive experience in distributed IoT systems, applications, and various software and hardware technologies and holds an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Merced.

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