Node-RED with enterprise-class performance

Our edge management software monitors Node-RED to improve security and reliability, ensuring enterprise performance for the most-beloved, open-source flow programming software.


Prescient Edge monitors Node-RED to allow you to recover or rollback your edge application when you need to.

Prescient Edge is our edge software bundle that includes standard Node-RED and our proprietary Edge Manager software.

Prescient Edge monitors Node-RED in real-time while also giving you the peace of mind to recover or rollback your edge application when you need to. It also helps you to deploy your edge applications, manage Node-RED package modules, monitor security, install 3rd party applications, and allow you to commission and decommission devices with ease.

Acquire data from sensors, cameras, PLCs, and any edge equipment

You can add new peripherals before or after deployment, ensuring agility and long-term evolution.

Custom processing of data, such as cleansing, transformation, and data fusion

Make your data work for you. Prescient Edge allows you to work with any type of data and any industry standard.

Advanced data analytics including stream processing and machine learning

Extract intelligence from your data at the edge to reduce data glut, latency, and enhance data security.

Optimize for communication

If you need to transmit data over cellular connection, Prescient Edge minimizes data overhead to save cost. And of course all data in transmission is secure.

Supports most edge gateways

Prescient Edge runs anywhere Node-RED runs, which includes edge gateways, IPCs, and GPUs from most major device manufacturers. Prescient Edge can be installed natively, in a Docker container, or in a Canonical Snap.


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