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IIoT performance and security made simple with AWS Partner Network | Prescient

Prescient Devices (PDI) is pleased to be part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

Prescient Devices (PDI) is pleased to be part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

Prescient devices and aws partner network

Prescient Devices (PDI) is pleased to be part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

APN is the global community of Partners who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. PDI’s low-code edge solutions platform, Prescient Designer, is now part of APN and PDI looks forward to helping other AWS customers and partners easily create IoT edge solutions for applications such as industrial IoT, smart manufacturing, remote inspection, and many others.

To become an APN Partner, PDI must pass a rigorous APN Foundation Technical Review. This ensures that customers receive the best data and security protection, including:

  • AWS secrets manager and parameter storage to securely store resource credentials
  • AWS API keys rotation to keep programmatic access to AWS services secure
  • Disaster recovery improvements including recovery points and recovery documents
  • Separation of account management, development operations, and production environment
  • AWS business support, including 24x7 access to technical and architectural support

PDI is committed to the highest standards in product performance and security, and it is excited to bring its products and its rapidly growing user community to the APN solutions family.

Full-stack IoT development with Prescient Designer

Prescient Designer is a SaaS software and full-stack IoT system that allows engineers to easily develop entire IoT applications from sensor-to-cloud-to-dashboard in a single low-code graphical program. Customers have created solutions for data collection, asset monitoring, preventative maintenance, machine vision, and more in weeks, not months.

Easily create proofs of concept from scratch or utilize Prescient Designer’s vertical turn-key templates, including data aggregation, formatting and analysis. By designing and debugging the application in the cloud, then deploying to multiple edge devices in a single click, users can develop and scale IoT applications 12x faster at 6x lower cost.

Get in touch with us easily, or request a free trial of our software, Prescient Designer.


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