Edge computing and IoT: How to take advantage of this opportunity

Pinpoint where IoT can your business to and how to overcome the challenges along the way with out new white paper, "Accelerating Edge Computing: Time to Value with Prescient Designer"

As businesses feel propelled into digital transformation, many are searching for ways to stay ahead by enhancing and improving their operations with edge computing and IoT. For this reason, we just published our white paper on these opportunities in "Accelerating Edge Computing: Time to Value with Prescient Designer". Written by Doug Levin, who advises Prescient Devices's on marketing, sales, product/technology, operations, partnerships and many other topics.


Our White Paper

In this white paper, we will cover the fundamentals of edge computing and IoT, the challenges of deploying these projects, and the solutions that Prescient Designer brings to both the opportunities and challenges of edge computing and IoT. We provide insights into the range of applications which are happening in the enterprise. These include sensor arrays, IoT enabled automated systems and GPS trackers, smart lighting and pumping, and others. Prescient Designer empowers enterprises with the wherewithal to address the challenges of deploying these applications in fully-functional and optimized ways.


To understand the 7 IoT deployment challenges and how Prescient Designer is built to solve them, download and read our white paper here.


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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for an announcement of a Prescient Devices webinar featuring Doug sharing his experience with IoT and edge computing projects in the enterprise. You can register for it here.