Solution Templates

Simplify your edge development

Drag-and-drop, industrial-grade solution templates to simplify your edge solutions


Edge Data Acquisition Solution Template

Extract, transform, analyze, visualize, and store data from the edge to the cloud. These solutions are verified from the hardware up to the cloud, and are ready to deploy on day one. They are low-code and graphical, your team can quickly modify them to fit your unique needs.

Machine Vision

Never lose sight of the big picture

Our machine-vision template can detect valves, gauges, equipment status, work condition, work safety, etc. It works directly at the edge either in an edge gateway or an edge GPU. You can load your custom models to detect almost anything possible, and our service team can help with model development if needed.

Template Solutions
Stream Analytics

Make your data manageable

Today’s edge systems are plagued with too much data coming from sensors and machines. Our stream analytics template helps you to deal with the data glut. Whether you need to downsample, average, or transform, we make it simple for you.

Template Solutions-02
Vibration Monitoring

Sense your success with remote monitoring

Vibration monitoring is one of the most common and reliable methods to detect equipment failure.  Our vibration monitoring template gives you full control over how to use vibration data to solve your unique problem.  Over a dozen other sensor types are available to meet your remote monitoring needs.

Template Solutions-03