Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are increasingly integrated through a digital Building Automation System (BAS) which can control HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, lighting, shading, Access Control, and Security Systems. These technologies can offer significant energy savings as well as adherence to environmental development codes.

Construct and build with the power of IoT

Prescient Designer assists building construction and management companies in obtaining and analyzing data from existing systems or as part of a retrofit system. Our low code design automation platform allows IT teams who are not IoT experts to quickly deploy AI systems for better insights and recommendations as well as value-added services.

Case Study

Building design company implements energy optimization service for clients with Prescient Designer



A large building design company offers an energy optimization service to its clients and splits any savings obtained. Sensors are placed at the client building and data is fed back to a custom, cloud-based system for analysis. However, the system is inflexible and requires a significant technical team to implement.


Prescient Designer easily incorporated the existing energy optimization software and edge devices into its low code development environment. Once incorporated, the company could quickly roll out additional sensors and cameras to both a pilot system and an existing client. System updates and changes were handled quickly through Prescient Designer.


The building company was able to rapidly enhance its energy optimization service, adding features which resulted in more savings for their clients. With Prescient Designer’s rapid change capability, the company was also able to offer a custom solution to each client at no additional charge, further cementing the long-term relationship.

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