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IoT enables enterprises to accurately predict and prevent accidents before they happen. With remote monitoring and automated processes, companies can reduce resources and on-site monitoring while increasing the quality of protection and prevention.

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Prescient Designer helps enterprises succeed in their digital transformation by implementing ever-optimizing IoT solutions. Data scientists and IT teams can now thrive in a new IoT-enabled environment without having the technical expertise. Our IoT design automation platform allows data scientists and IT teams to control what, when, where, and how data is collected and analyzed for better insights and recommendations.


Machine-vision based Remote Inspection

"We have many kinds of equipment and conditions, so the solution needs to be flexible"


A fortune 500 enterprise needs to inspect many different equipment on-site with operators. This is not only time consuming, it is also error prone due to the large number of equipment that need to be inspected. This problem has been exacerbated due to the pandemic, but existing IoT vendors cannot support automatic inspection of so many different equipment conditions and statuses.


Prescient Devices built an automatic inspection solution for the customer. The solution, which was implemented in Prescient Designer, uses machine vision and machine learning to detect equipment conditions automatically. Once the edge devices are installed, operators get an alert whenever an unexpected condition occurs, and all events are recorded in a database. Customized training models can be loaded from the Designer into the edge devices, making it effortless to support new equipment conditions.


This solution removes the human inspection need and enables operators to be more efficient and more accurate at monitoring a large number of equipment in real time. Due to Prescient Designer’s ease of use, the customer can add new features to the solution on their own.

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