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Customer success, especially in IoT, is dependent on partnerships starting with the customer and extending to a range of industry partners.

We are looking for partners to bring IoT solutions to our customers.  Do the scope of your products or services enhance data management, integration, analytics or do you offer custom software development or other services?  Prescient Devices offer different capabilities to align with your business and enhance your business opportunities.

Partnering with Prescient Devices provides a unique chance to leverage a huge and growing market opportunity. Businesses worldwide are pushing to transform themselves into digital enterprises. Accelerate your success and reduce risk by tapping into Prescient Devices’ real world IoT experience addressing the challenges IoT/Edge Computing.  Email us to start the conversation!  We’d love to hear from you!

IoT / Edge Computing revenue opportunities include

  • Implementing best-of-breed solutions
  • Leverage one of the industry's most powerful toolset
  • Get top-class sales and technical support
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