Our Mission

Reimagining IoT Network Design, without the complexity.

At Prescient Devices, Inc. (PDI), we empower business with IoT, enhancing digital transformation regardless of expertise. We founded PDI to help businesses with extensive IoT adoption. With Prescient Designer, businesses can now develop their own IoT solutions that rapidly evolve with technological change as well as their business needs. Previously, the technical expertise and number of iterations required to build in-depth IoT designs would deter most businesses from achieving transformation. This is the problem we are solving today — we are removing the technology complexity of IoT design integration with advanced design automation, management, and security.

What We Do

We built Prescient Designer, a SaaS application development platform, to meet the common and crucial challenges enterprises experience during IoT adoption. Prescient Designer enables IT/OT teams, data scientists, and system integrators to design, develop, and deploy agile IoT solutions without writing a single line of code. Develop functionalities and flows from the edge to the cloud within a single platform, giving businesses the boost they need in their digital transformation.


Our Team

With twenty years of experience in IoT software and hardware under our belt, we are confident in delivering business value to enterprises in their digital transformation. We understand the obstacles and what it takes for enterprises to accelerate business operations and generate business value with their IoT adoption.