With Industry 4.0 underway, manufacturers are eager to stay ahead of the curve with IoT adoption and implementation in their smart factory operations. Yet, productivity doesn't come without extensive experimentation and optimization. IoT is the key to smart factory futures, predicting, analyzing and optimizing core operation processes.

Fueling and sustaining smart production


Prescient Designer assists manufacturers on their digital transformation journey with asset management and advanced analytics. Reduce error rates and stay on top of hardware maintenance by monitoring productivity through the Prescient Designer dashboard. Small IT teams with limited technical expertise can design and manage their IoT solutions through our low-code programming method, making continuous optimization an achievable reality.

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An industrial equipment manufacturer
transforms its traditional industrial equipment into a connected, intelligent digital product

Case Study

Flexible IoT Solutions For Smart Manufacturing

"We like how we can do everything with one solution"



A global manufacturing company is adopting Industry 4.0. The company IT/OT team needs to build and support many fragmented applications: quality control, product test, component monitoring, etc. Solutions they use today are very fragmented and becoming increasingly difficult to support.


By using Prescient Designer, the manufacturing company was able to support different IoT solutions using the same design software. Each solution uses an edge gateway or industrial PC connected to one or more sensors, and the IT/OT engineer programs the remote application without having to leave her office. Then data from all edge gateways and IPCs are aggregated to generate actionable insights. This is done inside the same design in Prescient Designer.


By using PrescientPrescient Designer became a go-to software whenever an automation solution is needed on the plant floor, whether it is defect detection, component monitoring, or product test. This has greatly improved the productivity and capability of the IT/OT team.

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