Better IoT for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Smart Cities

Traffic and city infrastructure are moving increasingly from traditional analog to sophisticated digital systems. The goals of these systems are to optimize traffic flow, improve energy usage, enhance city security, and allow more services for citizens. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) produce huge amounts of data that is typically kept in different silos, not interconnected and unable to contribute to a more optimized solution.

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Deploy trial systems and implement results

Prescient Designer allows ITS engineers to rapidly deploy trial systems from multiple manufacturers, quickly analyze data gathered, easily add more features based on results, and implement changes with a single click. Prescient Designer also makes scaling the system to full deployment easy by using the same view as the trial system.


ITS company designs and deploys IoT system

ITS company designs and deploys IoT system

An ITS company with a revolutionary camera technology has limited experience connecting the devices, capturing the data, using AI to analyze the results, and offering this as a value-added service to municipal agencies. The initial plan was to hire outside connectivity and AI/ML consultants, requiring large amounts of capital, sophisticated programming, and little knowledge of the system once it was complete.


By using Prescient Designer’s low-code programming interface, the start-up’s engineers were able to design the entire connectivity, AI, and database system in a single software environment. Furthermore, the engineers designed the system themselves and deployed rapid changes based on key learnings during the initial trial program.


By owning the system design, enhancing it, and deploying rapid changes, the start-up was able offer value-added services far greater than first imagined. What began as a vision monitoring system for accident creation quickly added enhanced features such as intersection optimization, noise mitigation, and energy reduction. The result was additional subscription revenue.

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Prescient Designer scales IoT for ITS and smart cities