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Industrial equipment manufacturer

Transforms traditional industrial equipment into a connected, intelligent digital product


An industrial equipment manufacturer looked to transform its traditional industrial equipment into a connected, intelligent digital product.


Manufacturer's aims

  • Monitor equipment performance parameters including position, rotation, load, and vibration during operation.
  • Collect customer usage patterns including custom settings, operating duration, and change in programming.

To achieve objectives

  • Better understand how equipment performs in the real world, monitor wears, and predict potential failures.
  • Better understand what features the customers are using, the amount of time and extent they are using the equipment.
  • Generate SaaS recurring revenue by offering customers remote monitoring and remote control capabilities.

The challenge is that the manufacturer does not know what are the optimal equipment parameters and customer usage patterns to track. They are also not clear on the right analytics to perform on the data.


Prescient Devices worked with the manufacturer to design a customized IoT solution in under 2 weeks. This solution is built in Prescient Designer and allows the manufacturer to quickly deploy the solution with its initial pilot customers and iterate over it to achieve high ROI.

The Prescient Solution

  • A single solution including edge app, cloud app, and dashboard and can be extended to support thousands of equipment.

  • A custom solution supporting sensors, PLC, and analytics specifically designed for the customer, owned by the customer.

  • A flexible solution that the customer’s engineering team can learn, iterate, and evolve.



The equipment manufacturer quickly implemented the PDI solution with several pilot customers and gathered feedback on the parameters which were most important. With additional help from PDI, the company was able to implement a ML algorithm to the data and recommend ways to enhance the overall manufacturing process, increasing system throughput. The manufacturer is now incorporating the IoT service on all new products and is offering a free retrofit kit for the installed base as when customers subscribe to the value-added service.

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