Device Management

Make your devices work for you

All your devices in one glance

Managing your device fleet is one of the most complex tasks today. Prescient Designer lets you check if your devices are connected, running properly or posing security risks all in one spot.

Make your devices work for you

Available when you need it, even remotely

Reset, redeploy, or decommission your devices remotely, or VPN into your devices through our on-demand VPN service that consumes no data while not being used.

Prioritize and customize

Install native services or containers to your fleet of devices. Build customized installation or management functions in any way you like to fit your unique edge application needs.

Case Study

Smart sensing solution for 1000+ edge nodes

Reality AI was seeking a solution that gives them flexibility and scalability to build and optimize their anomaly detection product. Reality AI found Prescient Designer to be the best solution to take their anomaly detection one step further.

Efficient and easy device management

Overcome the challenges of edge device management today. Start for free with Prescient Designer.